A downloadable cannonade for Android

Cannonade is an arcade game with some rpg elements involved in which, well, you have cannons. Lots of 'em. How else would you destroy your foes?

You start with one big cannon which you can level up throughout the game but also there are 4 little ones that help you. Destroying enemies will grant you some 'scraps' which can be used to repair and upgrade your mini-cannons. Your main cannon is immortal by the way.. unless enemies reach it and damage your whole game board.
The objective is to survive as much as you can and climb the leaderboards.

By playing, and more precise, losing, you will get an amount of coins which can be used to purchase better mini-cannons as well as some skins for your main cannon and backgrounds for your game. 

See you at the top!

Download for free on the Google Play Store.


Cannonade 29 MB

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